The KALSEE Blog will be back

A note from Dennis at KALSEE:

If you bookmarked the KALSEE Blog, you have not seen many new topics as of late. If you read some of the past topics, they have touched on the subject of social media and how to have a successful presence on them. I have to admit, I don’t have the mindset to tackle websites like My Space, Face Book, Twitter etc.  I’m not a good “tweeter”! It takes up a lot of time that I don’t have. I am a one-man-marketing show at KALSEE and there is only so many hours in the day. So I am putting together a plan.

I want to get select staff who can create and maintain our KALSEE social media web pages. I would act in an advisory capacity. So as we go through this changeover, the blog will be inactive…UNTIL you notice references of social media on our home page hopefully the near future. Until then, Thanks for visiting and be sure to bookmark the KALSEE dot com website.

Regards,  Dennis  – Marketing and IT Manager


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Your Search for a New Financial “Home” Ends Here.

With all that’s happening out there, we don’t blame you. Our loyal KALSEE members know and understand this so I’m not asking them to continue reading, but IF you are here because you are seeking out another financial institution and have possibly been subjected to unecessary fees or hikes in credit card rates, or are concerned that it may happen to you. If you have been turned down on a loan because, among other things, your credit score was deemed too low; or maybe you’ve been watching the evening news and seen all the reports about big executive bonuses from financial institutions that were publicly bailed out. You know what I’m talking about.  IF this is upsetting to you, don’t worry any longer. There is an alternative. When you’ve had enough, come to KALSEE. I can assure you, KALSEE is a breath of fresh air. You won’t experience any surprises down the road. KALSEE is stable, local, trustworthy and predictable. Think about it. With all the name changes going on out there these days, with all the news stories, with all the inconsistencies; When you’ve had enough, don’t hesitate to come to KALSEE. Click here to get the ball rolling. It’s easy. Call us.

Dennis at KALSEE

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What About This Twitter & Facebook Thing???

I’m with the hopes that I can use our KALSEE Cafe readers as sort of a sounding board.

We have a Twitter page but we don’t know how many people would listen if we were “out there” “tweeting” on a regular basis. How about you? DO YOU TWEET? And not just Twitter; How about all the other networking sites. This is once again, my curiosity getting the best of me. I am inclined to believe that participating in sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other prominent ones are going to be extremely important in order for us to get KALSEE’s message out to future KALSEE members.
Can you help shed some light on this new form of reaching people? I would absolutely LOVE hearing from you. I want to enthusiastically encourage and thank you in advance for commenting on this topic.  

– Dennis at KALSEE


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Survey Says!!!

Some survey participants near this region were recently polled regarding financial institutions. Here is a sample of one the poll questions:

Considering the current economic times, do you feel that your money is safer in a credit union or in a traditional financial institution?

44% said they believe their money was safer in a CREDIT UNION.
26% answered that a bank was safer.
16% responded “neither”.
14% answered “don’t know”.

As a marketing person, I found that poll question to be significant when you consider that so many people out there have no idea what a credit union even is or what role it can play to keep the costs of everyday financial business to a minimum, especially when you compare fees, etc. Many STILL have no clue that it’s so easy to become a credit union member these days.

Recently, I was checking what a few other financial institutions are currently charging for cashiers checks and discovered that some banks charge $5.00 per check. KALSEE’s fee for the exact same service is $3.00 per check.

So the question up for discussion is; How do you feel? Do you feel credit unions are  more trustworthy than any other type of financial institution?

As a side question, I am personally curious IF you left your previous financial institution and came to KALSEE because you experienced a sense of untrustworthyness or unreasonable fees?   Chime in!    Thanks!   – Dennis



Source: Marshall Marketing & Communications

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Before you freak, here’s what you do…

Mike Bridges

Do you recognize this guy? Bet he looks familiar. It’s Mike Bridges, the former News Channel 3 Morning anchor!

Well, guess what? He is now the Director of Public Affairs for the Michigan Credit Union League. That’s right…He’s on OUR side and what a great spokesperson he is. Mike is doing great work for Michigan credit unions! 

 Mike has put together a video all about assessing your current mortgage situation. Until someone teaches me how to embed a video here on the page, please click the link below to see Mike Bridges in the mortgage video called, “Right at Home”.
– Dennis

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Credit Card Horror

As a credit union, you know your credit card program is a darn good one when the new Credit Card Act (effective as of August 20th) has no significant impact on our KALSEE VISA Credit Card program or our valuable card holders. If you have a KALSEE VISA card, it’s probably treated you pretty good. The liberal grace period and low, fixed APR make it transparent with no surprises and that makes us feel great!

Think back. How many credit card nightmares have you heard or read about? It is unbelievable what some of these outfits have gotten away with.

Probably one of the most ridiculous policies was that if the card holder made a late payment on one specific card, not only would they retaliate by significantly bumping the interest rate on that card, but other credit card issuers would get word that the user made a late payment and raise the Annual Percentage Rate of the user’s other credit cards…EVEN IF THEY WERE NOT LATE!

Do you have a similar credit card horror story? We hope the story had a happy ending, but feel free to share it! We’d love to hear your story.  – Dennis at KALSEE

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Welcome All Members

Hi. I’m Dennis, the Marketing Manager, located at KALSEE’s Millcork Street office and this message is for all KALSEE members.

With the introduction of the KALSEE Cafe blog site, we are enabling a new means of direct communication between KALSEE and our valued members. I use the term “valued members” because we do not take the relationships we have developed with our members lightly.

As we move forward, your thoughts and ideas mean more to us that you will ever know. We are not a bank. We’re different in that regard. The whole culture at KALSEE is one of feeling at home. Yes, we have similar personal financial services as a bank, but with one major difference. We strive to care for our members in ways that you just won’t find anywhere else. I could share many, many examples where our staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist our members, but we’ll leave that for another time.

It’s true, we have a loyal bunch of die-hard KALSEE members and we appreciate your loyalty, but we also appreciate members who are willing to offer their constructive compliments, thoughts, suggestions or opinions; hence, one of the big reasons for initiating the KALSEE Cafe. 

So with that, we encourage ALL of you to stop on by…even if it’s only from time to time.

Do you like this idea??? Let us know. Hit the “Comments” link.

Soon we will write about a current event, challenge you with a question or submit a topic of interest for discussion. We might simply ask your opinion about something relating to KALSEE, like a new service or product. Feel free to chime in. The KALSEE Cafe is informal.



Dennis Christensen
KALSEE Marketing Manager


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